A place where children can grow up safely and find a home. Where they are cared for and experience family community. This is our current plan for more than 100 street children and orphans in our project in the village of Kayabwe (Uganda). By the help of supporters and donors, we were able to purchase a large plot of land three years ago and started building our children's home.

In autumn 2019 we were able to start the first construction work. After several construction phases last year and this year, we are planning to work on interior work (windows, electrical, plaster, screed, plumbing) from October 14, 2022. Our children should be able to move into their long-awaited home soon.

Extensive financial resources are still required for the further construction steps. The currently sharply increased prices in all areas (food, school fees, construction) are leading to a further aggravation of the situation, from which children in particular are suffering. Our focus is therefore on self-sufficiency and agriculture, which will be implemented in the new home.

We are grateful for every supporter who would like to give the children this perspective.

Rohbau des neuen Kinderheims 2023
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Why are we doing this work? We believe that children have a need for security and acceptance, no matter where they live. When they know they are safe and loved, they are able to develop in a good and healthy way. And the fullness of ideas, interests, talents and strengths which is inside of children can emerge.

This is not possible if a child does not know where he is going to sleep tonight and what He will eat tomorrow. The loss of one or both parents is traumatic and shakens the life of a little person.

This is why we are supporting needy children in Uganda for years. It is unbelievably beautiful to experience and to contribute to the fact that the help they receive also gives them inner peace and allows them to simply be children again.

We want to give young people a foundation for good and healthy development. When their basic needs are secured and they don't have to worry about them, they will be empowered and enabled to take responsibility for themselves and others. We are currently supplying 116 children and young people in Uganda with food, taking care of their schooling and medical care. We give protection and care to those who have no home in our children's home.

Our current children's home is a simple house with 6 rooms, which we rent. There is a living-dining area, three rooms for the girls and two rooms for the boys. The bedrooms have 3 bunk beds. Since there are not enough sleeping places, some mattresses are laid on the floor in the living room in the evening so that this space can also be used. The children live here with their home mom Robina. She attends to the needs of the children and takes care of them. During the day, two other employees take turns coming to the children's home to provide support.

The primary purpose of the trip, which starts on October 14th, is - in addition to the pedagogical work with the children - the interior work of the new children's home. The shell construction work has almost been completed and the finishing work for the interior has already begun.

The next steps planned are to complete the electrical work as well as the sheet metal work on the upper floor. In addition, metal structures will be used to form windows and doors. Afterwards the focus will be plastering the walls and putting on a layer of screed.

Our goal on this trip is to get four of the 14 total rooms ready for occupancy, the idea being that those rooms can be used as living space and serve as a blueprint for the remaining rooms, which then can be completed during our absence.

In addition, the planning and construction of a separate facility will be started, which will be used to house toilets and some showers.

Following the basic construction steps are the finishing touches, i.e. painting, tiling and furnishing the rooms.

First, in October 2019, the strip foundations for the 12m x 32m building were laid. In the next step, the shell of the ground floor was built in April 2021. In August 2021, the completion of the concrete ring (ring anchor) followed. In October 2021 the shell of the upper floor and the roof construction could be established, as well as the concreting of the intermediate ceiling in April 2022. With our guidance, the work could be continued during our absence, such as the roofing work, the construction of the reinforced concrete staircase and the continuation of the gable walls.

In addition, a well has already been drilled on the property to facilitate the water supply for the construction site, but also to provide water for the people of the village. Agriculture is also practiced on our property. Vegetables are grown (e.g. sweet potatoes, beans, corn) and there is a pig and chicken farm for self-sufficiency.

The construction project is not only beneficial for our children. It provides the local helpers with work and an income for the time of the assignment.

You can give a perspective in life by sponsoring a child. If your donation is not only intended to benefit one child, but to support our entire work, you can also donate regularly without earmarking. Would you like to provide us with a larger amount as an interest-free building loan? This is also a great help for the progress of the construction project. In addition, there are other ways to become active yourself: Are you handy talented? Join us for our next build!

Are you just as enthusiastic about our work as we are, do you have a creative streak and would you like to start your own fundraising campaign? Talk to us about it!

Do you have good knowledge of English and German and would you like to use it for a useful purpose? There is regular translation work that we can use help with. Feel free to contact us!

Donation receipts for donations are usually sent automatically by mid-February of the following year at the latest. These do not have to be requested separately. It is important that we have your postal address. In the case of PayPal donations, your address is usually sent to us as the "delivery address". In the case of a SEPA transfer, you have the option of entering your address in the intended purpose or sending it to us via spenden@child-care-circle.de. If you have any questions, please call +49 176 61916167 or send an email to spenden@child-care-circle.de.

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